Are you interested in adding new fruit and nut trees and bushes to your community or school garden, or a public space?

The Good Food Network

Is partnering with the Capital Regional District and Le Coteau Nursery to

distribute 150 fruit and nut trees and shrubs across the Capital Region in celebration of

Canada's 150th Birthday


Who can take part?

  • Must be in the Capital Regional District
  • A local government, municipal or First Nation
  • School District or School
  • A community organization

What can we plant?

You get to choose! You can either plant a bare root food tree or shrub this spring, or a potted food tree in the fall. You can apply for up to 20 trees. A list of Le Coteau products is available here. A limited number of potted food trees may be available to be planted in the fall, so spring planting is strongly recommended. Plants must be picked up from Le Coteau Nursery.

What do we need to apply?

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ability to plant on public land (with written permission from landowner/manager, or outline of how that permission will be solicited) in the capital region that is publicly accessible
  • Demonstrate capacity and expertise for planting and long term care/maintenance. Note that all planting supplies (i.e. mulch, tools, stakes, wires) are the responsibility of the food tree recipient.
  • Demonstrate capacity to collect and utilize food tree products OR partnership with Lifecycles or similar organization
  • Planted and managed by a community organization, local government, school district or First Nation
  • Ability to pick up and transport trees to planting location
  • Ability to plant between April 15, 2017 and May 30, 2017. A limited number of trees/shrubs may be available to plant in the fall of 2017. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Demonstrate how planting food trees positively contributes to the surrounding community/area
  • Commitment to adhere to best practices, applicable regulations and maintenance requirements established by landowner/manager
  •  Willingness to acknowledge Le Coteau nursery for the donation AND to be identified publicly in a media release as having participated
  • Commitment to provide and share a photo and short story about your planting

Deadline is 4pm April 3, 2017

Email your questions or submission to

More about the initiative:

This initiative is a partnership between the Good Food Network, Capital Regional District and Le Coteau Nursery.  Rob Harris from Le Coteau is donating 150 food trees (nuts or fruits) and shrubs (eg. blueberries) to organizations in the Capital Region to celebrate Canada’s 150th. Food trees must be planted on land that can be accessed by the public (i.e. not on farms) this spring and fall.  Through this initiative we are supporting the growth of community orchards across the Capital Region!  Recipient organizations are responsible to pick-up, plant, maintain and harvest the trees.  The Good Food Network and its partners will share the wonderful community stories with the broader public, and will work to ensure equitable tree distribution across the region.
For more information or questions please contact CRFAIR at, working on behalf of the Good Food Network, and project partners