Change Canada's Food Guide: Petition

Have you heard that there is a petition ( going to Health Canada asking that Canada’s Food Guide be changed? The local Victoria chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation is actively helping to promote this petition. In fact, Dr. Price’s 1930’s nutritional research and book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is listed as a reference on the petition’s open letter which will be going to Health Canada. WAPF is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education,research and activism.

We advocate the Wise Traditional way of eating that Canadian-born Dr. Price documented in his remarkable worldwide studies in the 1930/40’s. He warned us then, nearly 80 years ago, of the serious health consequences of eating the processed ‘foods of commerce’ as he called them. His research has been validated to such an alarming degree with soaring rates of diet-related illnesses that it’s finally come to this – a very large group (over 500 and counting) of concerned Canadian physicians and allied healthcare professionals are petitioning for drastic change to the Canadian diet.

To spread the word about this important petition, WAPF head office has contacted every member and chapter leader across Canada. This petition is welcome news in the Canadian real food movement and to WAPF’ers who would like to see nutrition policy be evidence-based, rather than subject to the influence of the corporate food industry, as it has been for decades. Getting back to real food can only help local small farmers and regional economies.
We really want the guidelines fixed!

As leader of the Victoria Chapter of WAPF, I’ve created a personal blog (Alternative Boomer Legacy) in order to promote the petition, a Wise Traditions lifestyle and to advocate for the health of children. Check out this article that expands on some of the many reasons that our official dietary recommendations need to be fixed (hint – there is lots of butter involved!):