Life Cycles' Tree Care Apprenticeship Program Launched

The Welland Legacy Park & Community Orchard has launched a volunteer training program to enhance community capacity in backyard & urban orchard fruit production. The orchard, located in pocket park in View Royal, is home to over 150 fruit trees & vines, offering an incredible opportunity for public education on fruit growing in the region. LifeCycles manages the volunteers and provides educational programming in partnership with the Town of View Royal

The Tree Care Apprenticeship program launched in February 2017, and is off to a fun and successful start. Interest in the program has been solid, and several community members have signed on to deepen their practical knowledge of how to produce abundant, healthy fruit using practices that enhance the local ecology. Alongside the Welland Orchard Coordinator, Julia Ford, apprentices are learning the principles of holistic orchard care and integrated pest management approaches through hands-on work with the trees - that they will then be able to take out into their communities to further support our region's fruitful abundance! For more information, or to join the Tree Care Apprentice program, click here.