The Food Atlas

What is it?

The Food Atlas is a map that connects people in the community with food assets, services and programs. It also works as a networking tool by helping connect local organizations that may be working towards a similar goal. This map is a community-driven tool for empowering communities to develop and plan around food security resources.

How it works

The Food Atlas is designed to be a self-sustaining tool and is managed by the Island Food Security Hubs in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Public Health Association of BC. As an Island Food Security Hub CRFAIR is helping populate the map for our region. We are trying to reach out to food security related organizations in the Capital Region and encourage them to sign up on the Food Atlas. Once an organization signs up, our team at CRFAIR can approve the profile and then the organization can add their agency to the map. 

If you would like to see your organization on the Food Atlas, sign up today! If you have further questions and are looking for more information visit or email