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The Good Food Network is all about connecting individuals and organizations that are working towards a better food system for our region. To learn more about what the network is up to right now, visit our Good Food Network page.

We believe that a complex objective like creating a healthy, sustainable regional food system can only be accomplished when we all work together. The role of our organization is to mobilize this movement by enabling collaboration between diverse actors, building and promoting a common agenda and measuring and communicating our shared successes.

The momentum is building! Please join us now as we collectively create a food system that is built upon a positive, sustainable and just vision for our community.

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Benefits for Organizations

  • Achieve a greater profile for your work
  • Connect with other organizations that have a common agenda
  • Identify resources that can be shared for greater effect
  • Align and coordinate your efforts to increase your capacity to drive change
  • Access educational and funding opportunities

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Benefits for Individuals

  • Learn more about what is happening around food in your community
  • Network with others who share your concerns
  • Find out how you can contribute to a just and sustainable food system
  • Add your voice to the growing call for change
  • Discover rewarding volunteer opportunities that will make a difference