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Good Food Network as the Engine of Change

The Good Food Network is a way of connecting across sectors and silos to engage the whole food system. Strengthening diversity and collaboration are critical to achieving system change. Various members of the network have been working together since the early 1990s, and pockets of collective action have emerged over time, such as Farm to School network, the Victoria Urban Food Table and the Food Share Network. Organizing across these networks, intentionally seeding other relationships, and working together to build collaboration between community, government and the private sector, is a key strategy for innovation and action. The Good Food Network was formally launched at the 2015 Capital Region Food Summit as the “big tent” network for supporting collaboration and building a united voice around our shared vision. Members include individual activists, government, funders, educators, academics, students, farmers, fishers, food processors, retailers, chefs, restaurants, health, indigenous, and other food and farm organizations.

Purpose: To connect and align our efforts and work together towards a healthy and sustainable food system in the Capital Region.

A sustainable and secure local food and agriculture system provides safe, sufficient, culturally accepted, nutritious food accessible to everyone in the Capital Region through dignified means
— Regional Food Charter

Network Actors

The members of the Good Food Network are diverse and span the food system.  There are nutritionists, educators, knowledge keepers, community organizations, funders, local government planners and decision makers, as well as farmers, food producers and distributors.  To be a member, all you need to do is agree to the principles of Good Food, and pledge to further them. You can join as an individual or as an organization, but what is common is that you believe that "together we are stronger." and proactively work to align your work towards some common goals that we have identified as a network (see our collective impact strategy).  You can share your work through face to face meetings, the quarterly newsletter and through other network activities.

Have questions? email goodfoodnetwork@crfair.ca

 Network Activities

Communication:  Network members share their work through a quarterly newsletter and face to face meetings

Policy advocacy:  We work together with decision makers to make or change policy that impacts our food system and the people in the region.  

Align our work:  Through establishing shared goals we work to determine our roles and the best use of our combined skills and resources to achieve those goals.

Learning community:  We build network capacity through supporting the development of our skills and sharing best practices.


Plans for the Future

As we begin to work together as a network, we have plans to undertake some key activities in the coming years.  First steps are to develop our communication tools as well as our governance.  At the Food Forward Forum we identified that action was the key way to mobilize the network so that will be the focus of our work together.

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Good Food Resolution Group

CRFAIR has created a Good Food Resolution Group for organizations and individuals to share resources, connect with one another, and facilitate conversations around Good Food!

Have you signed the Good Food 2025 resolution? When you do, you commit to a shared vision of Good Food and become part of the mission to transform the regional food system through collective impact.

We invite you to share what you are doing for good food – be it holding an event, growing a garden, building a mason bee hive, or using local food in a recipe! We want this group to become a platform to celebrate action, a space for those passionate about food to connect, and a source of inspiration for those looking for ways to get involved.

Click here to join us!

---- Vandana Shiva

---- Vandana Shiva


The Role of CRFAIR

CRFAIR will support the launch and development of the network by hosting its communication tools, generating funding for coordination of network activities.  In addition CRFAIR will support the coordination of network campaigns and policy advocacy in the interim of the network building its governance and action teams.