The only way to build hope is through the earth.

- Vandana Shiva

Our Role

Our belief in the power of Collective Impact for social change informs work that we do and shapes the strategies that we are using to achieve our objectives. The focus of CRFAIR as an organization is around two distinct but related spheres of activity:

  1. Provide Backbone Support for the Capital Region Food and Agriculture Network

  2. Undertake high value, meaningful projects that are consistent with our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Direction

Vision: A region where local, sustainable and healthy food is celebrated, abundant and central to the cultures, health and well-being of residents

Mission: Mobilize and connect efforts to develop healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems in the Capital Region.


Health - Enhancing the health and well-being of people, other life forms, and the environments in which they live, work, learn and play.

Ecological - Minimizing practices that may adversely affect ecological systems and maximizing practices that are regenerative, building ecological health and resilience.

Equitable - Resulting in greater well-being and access to opportunity and health of all people, embracing diversity of all cultures in the region.

Economically Viable - Those working in food and farming enterprises are able to earn sustainable livelihoods.

System View - Includes cultivated and non-cultivated food production, indigenous food systems, on land or in water, and procurement, food processing, food distribution, food access, food consumption, farmland preservation and stewardship, food skills and education and waste management. The food system is integrally connected to the larger community and regional sustainability goals.

Long Term Goals

  • Increased local, sustainable production and distribution of food
  • Decreased waste in the local food system
  • Full, equitable access to nutritious food for all residents of the Capital Region
  • Policies, bylaws and regulations that support local, sustainable and healthy food systems
  • Increased culture that embraces local, sustainable, healthy food
  • Decreased amount of food transported into the region for local consumption