The Youth Food Action Team brings together youth who want to make a difference!  Youth involved are between the ages of 14 -24. The program makes space for youth voices and vision, and supports youth engagement in food action. Through working on hands on projects (gleaning, gardens, farm to school, community kitchens, feasts etc.) across the region, youth work to educate, enthuse, and inspire young people about food issues.

The Team documents these activities through video and blog posts and share them with a wide variety of audiences hoping to inspire more action.

Get Involved!

Are you interested in learning more about how your food system works? Do you want to cook, grow, harvest or compost your own food? Are you passionate about social justice or getting more involved in your community?

Then join the Youth Food Action Team! Email Jelena Putnik: to learn more, and find us on Facebook.

Past Projects

Shelbourne Community Kitchen

Through a neighbourhood resource center, the Shelbourne Community Kitchen provides support for those in our community who lack adequate access to healthy food. The kitchen works with people from the community to prepare and share nutritious meals, and builds important food skills.

See the Youth Food Action Team’s Video!

To learn more about how to get involved at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen, contact Kim Cummins:

City Harvest Co-op

City Harvest Co-op aims to facilitate co-operation, support, and mutual respect between farm workers, landowners, and food consumers, to increase access for people of every social location to ethically, organically, locally produced food of the highest quality.

To learn how to get involved contact Heather Parker,

Fernwood NRG Family Dinner

Fernwood NRG Family Dinner is an opportunity for families to enjoy a prepared meal – as a family and with families of the community – followed by a time to play and socialize together. The dinner is every Monday from 5pm until 7pm.

For more information, contact Shonna at 250-381- 1552 ext. 107 or

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