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CRFAIR is working on a new initiative to increase agricultural produce production in the region. CRFAIR is joining forces with researcher Patricia Reichert of Royal Roads on this work. The first stage is to create a supply model with leadership from community social and economic development leaders, food producers and wholesale buyers. Using a community-based research and planning process the initiative will identify the opportunities and hurdles for changing the current imbalance in the supply of local food compared with global sourcing.

The core aims:

·       Build a robust supply-oriented local food system, based on community sustainability values     

·       Work with farmers to increase the supply of local produce throughout the region and the seasons

·       Develop infrastructure for the distribution and processing of local food

·       Work as a community to ensure the economic success of a sustainable local food supply chain

Core benefits:

•             More local investment in local food infrastructure

•             Sustainable incomes for all parts of the local food supply chain, including producers and local food retailers

•             A strong local food economy, including community economic development, food sector jobs, community-based innovation.

•             A stronger local food culture that supports community food resilience and less dependence on global food.