Good Food Policies

Having a supportive policy environment for local food production, education and health is critical. Over the years, CRFAIR has worked alongside local governments, school districts, Island Health, and other partners to ensure that sound public policy and practice is in place to enable the development or a vibrant, robust and sustainable local food system. In 2008, a Regional Food Charter was created that proposed a vision for food security and sustainability in the region.  Since this time, many local governments have recognized the importance of the regional food system and integrated food systems planning into their Official Community Plans. Our regional government, the Capital Region District, has recently worked with a Food Strategy Working Group, that included CRFAIR, to develop a Regional Food and Agriculture Strategy. 

Regional Food and Agriculture Strategy Draft May 2016

CRFAIR has worked continuously to engage decision makers and guide the development of Good Food Policies for the CRD.  We have also been called upon to lead the development of stand-alone policy initiative (such as the City of Victoria Community Gardens policy and Saanich Chicken Bylaw).  Positive and effective policy evolution requires research into what is happening in other jurisdictions and consideration of elements that could be adapted for our region. It also requires home grown solutions.  CRFAIR is a strong contributor to this work and has developed a number of policy discussion papers and briefs.  Here are some of the most recent ones below: