Lee Fuge


Lee has been an avid supporter of local farms and foods for over 35 years, on both a personal level and through her work in the retailing of natural and organic foods. Lee is a founding member and manager of the International Women’s Catering Co-op, serves on the board of LifeCycles Project Society, and is a board member the Victoria Downtown Public Market Society. Lee has served on the boards of the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia, Moss Street Market, and the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation. Her interest in re-localizing the food system merged with her interest in co-ops and led her to become a founding member and manager of FoodRoots Co-op, which for several years hosted the Pocket Market Network; the Sustainable Feast series of local, organic dinners; and Cinema in Season, a collaboration with Open Cinema. Lee envisions local, community controlled food systems in which co-op ownership plays a major role.